Digital Workspace

Morpho is “Morphing “ i.e. transforming Desktop Ecosystem to Digital Workspace. To cater current business demands and compliances. This transition will:

  • Enhance performance to blend of heavy and standard users.
  • Extend business continuity to end devices.
  • Secure data.
  • Monetize data wealth.
  • Enable user centric computing i.e. any office, any device.

Morpho proposes all of the above while ensuring 50% savings on TCO.

Morpho has now become a synergy with HPE as an OEM. Morpheus’s HPE OEM association propounds the offer of pre- installed Digital Workspace in HPE servers.

Morpho- Digital Workspace, is an innovative and beneficial solution for your businesses IT infrastructure requirements. It is a Converged Container Ecosystem based solution involving the feature of smart containers in which the desktop applications are installed in smart containers on the Aggregator but run locally through an End Client and creates the data pool on the central storage.

CCE Architecture: Morpho introduces a unique architecture Converged Container Ecosystem which enables Morpho to provide performance enhancement with substantial reduction in overall TCO

Flex integration: Morpho has FLEX capabilities to integrate the existing install base which ensures investment protection done on existing client devices.

Hybrid workload: Morpho can successfully handle the load of less resource intensive Business users and high resource intensive Professional users simultaneously.

Intrinsic Workspace: Due to unique CCE architecture, Morpho brings a user friendly experience to the end user.

Smart Containers: The Server Module of Morpho is powered by Smart container technology and it primarily initiates OS and application services within the containers using resources of Aggregator and then pushes the said instance in the memory of end client.

Ubiquitous Workspace: Morpho offers group profiling as feature in which we can assign specific rights to group of users or individual departments.

Data Provisioning: The data generated by the users can be stored and managed using this feature it also allows the admin to enforce quota policies.

Single sign-on: With single sign- on as feature of Morpho, users just need to sign-in once and they will automatically be signed in on all of their applications.

Data Leak Prevention Edge (DLP): Business data is always critical for any organization, to ensure data security Morpho provides infrastructure driven data leak prevention.

Foundation Backup: Morpho provides a basic backup tool as a feature to customers.

Endpoint Extension: Endpoint Extension is an expansion of Morpho’s Solution. It is designed specifically for notebooks and desktops incremental data backup and recovery. This solution ensures the availability of business data on PCs without compromising productivity or mobility.

Thin footprint: Unlike our competitors that offer a desktop virtualization solution with a rich server and Network foot print, Morpho offers solution with a balance and thin footprint all across.

Non-Retroactive licensing: Morpho licensing is made as per the industry norms and it is designed in a way where a client is liable to pay only for the amount of time that the licenses are being used.

Multi-platform: As per the customer requirement, Morpho supports multiple platform OS which includes different version of Windows and Linux.

Intuitive management: Morpho provides comprehensive console windows which will enable customer to manage the infrastructure. These console widows give a detailed idea of the functioning of the console and the various requirements of the console.

Pertinent access: Employee data is vital for the organization; this feature will allow parallel access to an individual’s profile to ensure business continuity and seamless transition.

In following with our philosophy of offering simple, flexible and easy-to-breakdown packages, the licensing is segmented into 3 different categories giving you the ability to pick and choose based on your individual business and IT requirements.

Morpho is a complete suite consisting of all the features for a dynamic set up. Whereas Morpho Xpress is a basic version containing selected features required.
There is an addition in Morpho licensing which is named as an Acceleration Kit, through which up gradation is possible for a client to elevate from Morpho Xpress to Essential.

Morpho Standard is a flavor that has the console feature included which is not a part of Morpho Xpress. To avail the console feature solely, there is a pack named ‘Morpho Command View.’

Morpho Essential comprises of all the features offered by Morpho.

Modules Description Licensing
Morpho Xpress Foundation client Deploy Morpho Xpress end client Per Client
Morpho Xpress Foundation Server Deploy Morpho Xpress Aggregator Per aggregator
Morpho Xpress Enhanced Server Configure HA Per redundant Aggregator
Morpho Standard Foundation client Deploy Morpho Standard end client Per Client
Morpho Standard Foundation Server Deploy Morpho Standard Aggregator Per aggregator
Morpho Standard Enhanced Server Configure HA Per redundant server
Morpho Essential Foundation client Deploy Morpho Essential end client Per Client
Morpho Essential Foundation Server Deploy Morpho Essential Aggregator Per aggregator
Morpho Essential Enhanced Server Configure HA Per redundant server
Morpho End Point Extension Incremental end user backup Per laptop
Morpho Command View Upgrade Morpho Xpress to Standard Per Client
Morpho Acceleration kit Upgrade Morpho Xpress to Essential Per Client

The above licenses are available in two modes namely, Morpho OEM and Morpho LTU.

Morpho OEM and Morpho LTU are two modes of licensing.Wherein, Morpho OEM is pre installed in HPE servers. Morpho LTU is the second mode which can be procured as Vendor agnostic hardware.

Depending on your dynamic IT business requirements, there are 2 support packs available, that come in with coverage options of 3 years and 1 year. These support packs by name are Enterprise 24x7 support window and Business 9x5 support window respectively. Both of these packs have an estimated response time of 4 hours. Morpho's licensing policy is simple as it requires Window's paper licenses only.

DaaS- DaaS has lower capital expenditure and much lower total operation cost. Software, applications, operating systems, and data—are all stored on the aggregator, allowing it to be centrally managed but run locally in the memory of the End Client. Benefits of DaaS include ease of scalability, improved security, and centralization for IT administration and management, reduction in power cost all the while providing enhanced performance. The solution also allows for investment protection by following a hybrid model that utilizes the existing IT Infrastructure. Also, licensing is simplified and made flexible giving one the ability to pick and choose based on each individual business and IT requirements. DaaS, is the future of cloud computing and will be converted to reality considering the capabilities of CCE architecture. With the support of local service providers that extend into the last mile, CCE can allow DaaS to penetrate across all segments including SME, SOHO and residential.